The Roswell Rods-Podcast

Hey everyone welcome to the Ænigma Project. Again I have to apologize for the sound. I bought a new mic and some unexpected sound issues came up that didn’t come up in the...

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July Free Form Show-Podcast

Hey everyone welcome to the Ænigma Project. Sorry about the sound. The first minute or so is bad and then it straightens out…some. On this episode we discuss Power Word...

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Time Slips-Podcast

Welcome to the Ænigma Project.  Time slips have been reported throughout history. English women vacationing in France in 1901 claimed they stepped into the French Revolution, and...

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The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam-Podcast

Welcome to the Ænigma Project.  On this episode we discuss the mysterious case of Elisa Lam.  Was she plagued by a dark, sinister entity that caused her death or was it something...

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June Free Form Show-Podcast

Welcome to our June Free Form Show.  On this episode we answer listener submitted questions, talk about whether or not a ghost can follow you  home from an investigation and play...

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The Ænigma Project

The Ænigma Project: (423) 521-2930

Discussing the paranormal, close encounters with the unusual and interactions with the supernatural. Listen live every Monday night at 9PM EST only on the Tenacity Radio Network. Listen Live

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Upcoming Shows

Monday, July 28th: The Lost Gospels

Monday, August 4th: August Free Form Show

Monday, August 11th: Top 10 Ghost Pictures- NOT proven Fake

Monday, August 18th: The Odon Fire Poltergeist

Monday, August 25th: Working with Familiars and Animal Spirit Guides

Monday, September 1st: September Free Form Show

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Truly wonderful show :)

by J.Banana

Via iTunes

Great chemistry between Paul, Sushi and Springwolf; it’s a pleasure to listen to them.  I admire their collective knowledge an skepticism whilst not patronizing any one’s beliefs.  Most of the mysteries I hadn’t heard of: Oakville, blogs, the bridge in Scotland, etc.  Wow! Keep up the great work! Very enjoyable :D

Fun and Insightful!

by stupid_hamster

Via iTunes

This is a great group of people. I love their chemistry and the fun they have during the podcast. It’s is informative and insightful and has giving me a different aspect/view of the paranormal world. This isn’t the drama and producer spun situations… This is the real deal.

Check out Paul, Sushi and SE, you won’t regret it and you just might learn something new!

Make sure to check out SEPS Paranormal Podcast too!

Love this podcast!

by Ariel219

Via iTunes

I absolutely love this podcast and listen to it all the time.  I love the subjects and the unique perspectives that Paul, Spring and Sushi bring to each conversation.  I always have something new to think about at the end of every show!  It is informative and really funny too!

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